Springwel Endura Plus 4-inch Queen Size PU Foam Mattress (Beige, 72x60x4)


Product description

Springwel Endura Plus 4-inch Queen Size PU Foam Mattress (Beige, 72x60x4)

Price: ₹9,500.00 - ₹5,700.00
(as of Sep 08,2022 08:14:10 UTC – Details)

Springwel Endura Plus is a must buy mattress for those who place great value in their money. As these mattress are made in a controlled environment it enables us to maintain standardized quality as well as high density. This mattress allows you to feel restful and comfortable. Standardized quality maintains non-Allergic nature of this mattress essentially makes it is inert and hypo allergic. High density of the foam used implies optimum support and comfort along with the durability. In comparison to the other options, Endura Plus mattresses are lighter in weight and easier to handle. Endura Plus mattress is an ideal choice when shopping for home use. Warranty: Springwel Endura Plus have a replacement guarantee for one year form the date of purchase against any material / manufacturing defect. Post one year the mattress can be repaired/ replaced. For replacement, Springwel offers pro-rated guarantee for the balance applicable years of guarantee period. Below is the calculation of the Pro-Rata Mattress replacement credit applicable only when mattress needs to be replaced. A pro-rata credit calculation will be as follows: Purchase Price multiplied by Balance period of guarantee divided by Total Guarantee


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