COZY COIR – Pocket Spring Cotton Layer Foam 6 Inch, Single Bed Size Mattress (72 x 30 x 6)


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COZY COIR – Pocket Spring Cotton Layer Foam 6 Inch, Single Bed Size Mattress (72 x 30 x 6)

Price: ₹7,601.00 - ₹6,009.00
(as of Sep 09,2022 05:29:46 UTC – Details)

Pocket spring mattresses contain pre-stressed springs inserted into individual fleece or cotton pockets and then clipped among one another or glued on top, middle or bottom. It is the point-by-point elasticity that distinguishes itself from others. The greater number of springs allows more flexibility so that the mattress can better mould to the body shape. Spring Mattresses have a leading edge over other types of mattresses because it provides better support and comfort to your body, an innovation that changed the mindset of the bedding industry which is globally used in the hospitality industry world over.Our Pocket Spring mattress is a luxury and cushiony mattress for a comfortable sleep with zero partner disturbance technology. Support is an important characteristic, which positions the body correctly for a restful sleep. The mattress should support body weight evenly over the surface of mattress such that the hip and shoulder area should be accommodated without sagging of the back.Pocket Spring mattress doesn’t release heat as the open spring construction ensure adequate air circulation. The mattress provides great support by distributing body weight evenly and has longer life due individual springs action. The core layer of this mattress is made from pocket springs which gives more bounce and support as compared to any other mattress.Pocket springs are sandwiched between two cotton felt on both the sides and above these cotton felts 40D Foam is used to provide comfort along with Premium Quality Knitted cloth on both sides. COZY COIR luxury SILENT PARTNER POCKET SPRING mattress is a quality product offered from the house of SHAKTI MATTRESSES AND GEARS PVT.LTD.
Zero Disturbance Technology: Minimizes Motion Transfer From Tossing And Turning Of Partner | Pocket Spring: Provides Durable Support From Hundreds Of Independently Coil.
CozyCoir’s premium knitted quilted covers on both sides of the mattress, add years to the life of mattresses in addition to providing a good looking, well defined, comfortable mattress | Superior Bounce and Comfort, Hypoallergenic and Dust and Mite Free
Warranty: 10 Years (1 Years complete warranty and thereafter, Pro-rated Warranty) India’s oldest mattress company dedicated to ensuring stress-free sleep, you will find that our relationship does not end with the sale of the mattress, instead, it is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship with you. Our warranty is another gesture in ensuring a stress-free relationship with your mattress selection.
Manufactured with over 35 years of Industry Experience


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